Easy way to send fax from your PC or your smart phone.

You can send fax from your web browser or simply email your fax to our fax gateway. fax from phone

With ClicknCall's fax facility you can easily turn your smart phone into a fax machine! For example you can use your phone's camera to take a picture of the document you like to fax and upload that picture from your phone to us for faxing. You can also email your fax to our fax gateway. It's a digital fax machine in your pocket! Your phone is suddenly a business center wherever you go.

There is no contract, no monthly service fee and no page limit. Just 25 cents flat rate to send a fax to Australian landlines and 35 cents per fax to many international fixed lines. All you need is a web browser or your email program to send a fax. Unlike many other providers, we do not charge on failed fax attempts.

Here's how it works:

Sending fax:
1) Log into the ClicknCall member area and click on the "Send a Fax" link from the left menu.
2) Enter your destination fax number and click on the "Browse" button to upload a Microsoft document (such as DOC or DOCX), PDF or image file (JPG, GIF, PNG) and we will fax it for you within seconds.

OR You can use the Email to Fax gateway, simply compose an email and attach a Word document, PDF document or a picture and email it to our designated fax email address and we will fax it for you in seconds.

Receiving fax:
We provide a free public shared fax number (02) 90371243 for all ClicknCall customers. Faxes received on that number are available to download from the member's area.

It's simple, easy to use and it just works.

There is no fax machine or fax line to maintain, no printing required. Web fax and Email to fax is the way to go and help save the environment and cut down costs (not trees).

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