SMS callback -- Easy way to use VoIP no matter where you are.

SMS callback is a handy feature when you are overseas and like to make cheap calls home using VoIP. SMS callback overcomes the limitation imposed by those networks that restrict direct VoIP calling for one reason or another.

You can initiate a callback by simply sending a SMS to our Australian SMS gateway 61490532288. and we will connect the two phone numbers for you.

Here's how it works:

1) Compose an SMS with the following format (separated by a space):
2) And SMS it to our gateway number 0490532288 (SMS to 61490532288 if outside Australia).

For example, your account number is 123456789 and you are in UK (doesn't really matter where you are) and like to call Australia, then you can compose an SMS with this in the SMS body:
and SMS it to 61490532288.

Then just wait a few seconds your phone shall ring.

** Please note your mobile phone carrier may charge you for sending the SMS to the above SMS gateway number.

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